Terms & Conditions

Practitioner Resource Supply primarily provides discounted goods to licensed professionals, students and retail customers.  In order for your account to be activated at the price structures available to those with a medical license or student ID, we require a faxed or scanned copy of your credentials to be provided to us.  Please fax your license to: (512) 899-1114 or a scanned image may be emailed to Orders@PRSDelivery.com.

We are happy to waive state sales tax for goods being resold by those individuals with the proper sales and use/retail licenses.  If you would like your resale goods to be exempt from state sales tax, please include a copy of the pertinent documents when faxing or emailing your professional license.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to send them to Questions@PRSDelivery.com.

We accept cash, check or credit card payment for local deliveries, though all goods to be shipped UPS must be prepaid by credit card.

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