Price Structure

There are multiple price levels available to our licensed professional customers, along with customized pricing for students and retail customers.

For customers without a verified medical license, you will receive our highly competitive retail pricing.  If you are a student of an accredited acupuncture, naturopathic or other medical school, please provide us with a copy of your student ID to receive our discounted student level pricing.

All customers with a verified professional license will enjoy our deeply discounted copper level pricing to start out, with bulk discounts available at each level for further savings.  Once 25 orders of $200* or more have been placed as a copper level customer, you will be elevated to the silver level!

As a silver level customer, simply make another 25 orders of $250* or more and you'll be advanced to the gold level pricing structure!


       To maintain your status as a silver member, simply make 6 purchases of at least $150* or more within a 12 month period, and to maintain gold level standing, 6 purchases of at least $200* within a 12 month period are required.       


If you have any further questions about our pricing structures please don’t hesitate to email them to

*Neither tax nor shipping/delivery charges apply to purchase requirements for the various pricing levels


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